Form Fields

Inspeko provides a variety of field types allowing you to build inspection forms to fulfill your business requirements.

TextA text field that can accept any type of data in the form of text or numbers. It can be either a single line or multi-line text.
NumberA number field for accepting integer and decimal numbers.
CheckboxPermits a choice between one of two possible mutually exclusive options. The options' text is customizable. The default options are Yes and No.
ChoiceOffers a range of possible options either as a single or multiple choice.
Date/TimeA date-time field to capture either date or time or both.
InfoIt is not used for data collection but displays information. It can be used to provide some instruction or explanation during inspection. It can be hidden in reports.
BarcodeAllows to scan a barcode. It also accepts the manual entry.
SignatureAllows to sign on the device by the use of a finger.
ImageAn image field is used to add images either by capturing new photos or selecting existing ones from a gallery.
RepeaterA powerful field to hold groups of fields. It can be used for building checklists or repetitive set of items. It allows adding items during the inspection.