Customise Form Layout

The Form Builder includes a Form layout designer that is used to customize the report layout.

Tap on the Menu and select Form Layout.

Form layout menu

The Form Layout displays the form fields with their corresponding width the same way as they would be laid out in the report.

The fields are grouped by rows and the total width of the fields in a row cannot be greater than 100%.

The fields, which do not fit, would be positioned on the next row.

By default, the field’s width is 100% and it is occupying the full line (row).

Default form layout

The field width can be changed by pressing the desired field and applying the width percentage.

Form layout dialog

Changing the field width would re-render the layout accordingly.

Changed form layout

The width of the repeater fields is of equal size by default.

Default repeater form layout

Press the Return [<-] button to close the Form Layout screen when you finish customisation.

Default repeater form layout