Repeater Field

A repeater is an arrangement of a repeatable group of fields.

The group of fields is specified during the form building.

Multiple groups (records) can be added during this inspection.

The repeater is best suited for creating various lists (checklists, defect lists) as it allows adding the partially filled records.

In the report, the repeater will be represented as a table or list.

To add a repeater,

  1. Tap on Add [+] button in the lower right-hand corner of the Form Builder and select the Repeater.

  2. Add repeater

  3. The repeater field screen will launch ready for repeater fields to be added.

  4. Empty repeater

  5. Add desired fields by tapping on Add [+] button in the lower right-hand corner of the Repeater Field screen.
  6. Note, the Repeater cannot have the Repeater and Info fields

    Add repeater field

  7. Tap on Done [check mark] button to save the repeater fields and return to the Form Builder.

  8. Save repeater

  9. The repeater field will be added to the bottom of the form.

  10. Added repeater

To add a repeater label,

  1. Tap on the Options [three dots] icon on the right hand side of the repeater field and select Set Repeater Label.

  2. Set repeater label

  3. Enter Repeater Label and tap OK.

  4. Repeater label dialog

  5. The Repeater’s label will be updated.

  6. Updated repeater label