Share Report

Note, we are in process of implementing the Inspeko report sharing functionality.

Meanwhile, we provide the workaround below on how to share the PDF report.

Generated PDF reports are saved into /Documents/Inspeko folder.

PDF reports can be shared using Android built-in file manager.

To access the file manager on Android 6.x and higher,

  1. Navigate to Settings screen -> Storage -> Internal storage -> Explore.

  2. Access file manager

  3. File manager will launch.
  4. Tap on Documents -> Inspeko to view the list of generated PDF reports.

  5. Inspeko folder

To share generated PDF reports,

  1. Select one or more PDF files.
  2. Tap the Share button and select the app you want to send the files to.
    • For example, you could send the files by email or share them to Dropbox or Google Drive to upload them to a cloud storage service.

  3. Selected files