Getting Started

By Elena Kosik | May 9, 2017

We have just released Inspeko - an android app in public beta. It is free and anybody can download it from the Play Store.

Inspeko is a form builder and data collection app that can be used in a variety of industries to capture inspection details and generate reports.
This is a productivity tool to help inspectors effectively collect data and streamline their inspection process. It is great for visual observations, site inspections, property inspections, vehicle inspections, etc.

How it works

Inspecting using Inspeko is straitforward and can be outlined as 3 steps process:

  1. Building form - a powerful form builder allows creating / modifying inspection forms which can match those ready-made paper forms.
  2. Performing inspection - select a form and fill in the fields with inspection details.
  3. Sharing report - generate the inspection PDF report.

Using app

Below is the overview of using Inspeko for an assets inspection.

We take a Welding Machine Daily Inspection Checklist form as an example for our inspection.

Checklist form

The paper checklist is converted into digital form using the form builder. A variety of form fields provide no limit on the way to build the forms. The form is your data collection document and finally your inspection report.

Form builder

Information is captured quickly and accurately using created mobile form. Field variations help to enter correct data and minimize errors. A form repeater makes inspection process flexible and adaptable.

Inspection details

After completing inspection a PDF report is generated with one click and ready to be shared.

Inspection report

Inspeko is packed with only necessary features required you effectively collect data to get business done.

Do not hesitate to try it. Download it from the Play Store. And we would appreciate if you share your feedback with us.