Getting Started

Welcome to Inspeko!

This guide will help you learn the basics of Inspeko and get started with a simple inspection system that will assist you to streamline inspection process and effectively collect data you need to get business done.

You’ll learn how to use Inspeko to:

  • Build forms for faster and efficient data collection
  • Perform inspections based on the selected forms
  • Generate PDF reports that can be easily shared

Building Forms

When you sign in to Inspeko first time, you will arrive at the Forms screen. Forms screen is where you’ll find a list of all your forms.

The Forms screen also can be accessed through Navigation drawer.

Navigation Drawer

A form is a re-usable data collection document which is filled out by inspecting person during the inspection. A form made up of fields, which will hold the various inspection information. Inspeko provides a variety of field types to support most common data types, such as Text, Number, Date / Time, Image, etc. A completed form can be transformed into a PDF report. The report layout can be customised by adjusting the style of form fields.

Creating a new form

To create a new form in Inspeko,

  1. Tap on Add [+] button from the Forms screen.
  2. Name your form and give a description if you wish.
  3. Tap on OK button.

The new blank form will be open in the Form Builder.

Create Form image

Using an existing form

You can also use an existing form and modify it according to your need.

  1. Press the Options [three dots] button of your form.
  2. Tap on Duplicate
  3. Modify the duplicated form (e.g. rename / change fields, rename title / description, set color, etc)

Duplicate Form

Adding fields to a form

To add a field,

  1. Press the Add [+] button in the Form Builder.
  2. Select the field type you want to add.
  3. Enter the field label and add information related to your selected field.
  4. Tap on Done [check mark] button.

Note: tapping on the Return button [<-] won’t save the field and will just cancel the adding field operation.

Add Field

Field types

The following Field Types are available:

  • Text: to collect textual information either as a single line or multi-line text.
  • Number: to collect numerical data. Note, it accepts whole and decimal numbers.
  • Checkbox: permits a choice between one of two possible mutually exclusive options (Yes, No, by default, whereas they can be renamed).
    To learn more about this field type take a look at the dedicated article: Checkbox field.
  • Choice: offers a range of possible options either as a single or multiple choice.
    To learn more about this field type take a look at the dedicated article: Choice field.
  • Date/Time: to capture date and / or time.
  • Info: to give some information or explanation. Note, it is not used for data collection.
  • Barcode: allows to scan a barcode. Note, it accepts the manual entry as well.
  • Signature: to capture digital signature.
  • Image: to add images.
  • Repeater: suitable for building checklists or repeating group of items. Note, it allows adding items during the inspection.
    To learn more about this field type take a look at the dedicated article: Repeater field.

Re-ordering fields

To re-order a field,

  1. Long-click on a Field icon
  2. Drag the field into a new position

Re-order fields

Creating checklist

The repeater field provides a facility to create various lists (checklists, defect lists) while building your form.

To learn more about creating checklists take a look at the dedicated article: Create Checklist.

Customising report layout

The form fields can be laid out either as a list or grouped into the rows by modifying their width.

To learn more about form layout customisation take a look at the dedicated article: Customise Form Layout.

Starting Inspections

After you have built your form, you are ready to perform your inspection.

Inspection can be started either from the Forms screen or Inspections screen.

To start the inspection from Forms screen,

  1. Tap on the options (three dots) button of your form
  2. Tap on Start inspection
  3. Name your inspection
  4. Tap on OK

The new inspection form will be open and ready to be filled out.

Start inspection

To start the inspection from Inspections screen,

  1. Tap on Add [+] button
  2. Tap on your form in the Select Form list
  3. Name your inspection
  4. Tap on OK

Performing the inspection is a simple task of navigating down through the form and filling out the provided fields with data.

Perfrom inspection

Once the inspection is finished it can be marked as complete. Completed inspections displayed with check mark icon in the Inspections screen.

Note, in order to mark the inspection as complete all required fields should be filled out.

Otherwise, the Warning dialog displays what fields are missing their values.

Mark Completed

Generating PDF Reports

Reports allow you to visually display the data you collected through your form and share the results with others.

To generate PDF report,

  1. Tap on the options [three dots] button of your inspection
  2. Tap on PDF report
  3. Tap on View of the snack-bar once the report is ready

Note, viewing the generated PDF report would require some PDF viewer app installed on the device such as Adobe PDF Reader.

Note, the generated PDF reports are saved into /Documents/Inspeko folder.

Generate Report